1506926_356238997889942_4157562000138434278_nThe collections of Paola Cipriani’ Couture overlook the historic mausoleum of the “Monte del Grano” that since the second century AD has been emerging timidly from the park, surrounding the modern buildings that are adjacent to the Tuscolana Street, one of the most commercial streets of Rome.

Paola Cipriani – ParticolareSimilarly, the studio of Paola Cipriani is located in this context, so it has a welcoming and familiar atmosphere, which incorporates the old sartorial traditions “adapting” them to the modern model of a woman, not to mention the attention to detail and the necessary patience to realize such creations.

The collection of wedding and ceremony dresses is renewed every year, thanks to the creativity of the designer who designs different models and chooses new fabrics to meet all needs, through unique sartorial creations.

The most demanding customers will appreciate the originality and quality of the high couture dresses, and they can personally verify their difference from the more common pret-a-porter ones. They may, in fact, see the craftsmanship of the clothes made from fabrics (made in Italy) and the exclusive quality, embellished with embroidery and accessories sewn by expert seamstresses and embroiderers who use the finest tailoring techniques.

3At the workshop, the designer will accompany you and advise you in the choice of the wedding dress or ceremony dress that you desire. In the large rehearsal room, you can wear the sample dresses that mostly match your taste and reflect your image as “a bride.” At the laboratory and during tailoring, you can follow different phases of the realization of each dress, and finally, in the cozy studio of the designer, you will know the cost, which takes into account the budget of the customers, thus allowing everyone to buy what previously had been thought of as impossible.

Thanks to the professionalism of the designer as well as the skill and passion of her collaborators, they will assist you in choosing and designing your dress, which will be so unique in its simplicity and refinement.