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Our atelier is a large tailoring workshop dedicated to the handmade creations of wedding and ceremony dresses. It spreads over 160 square meters, which are dedicated to you and your unique and special day in order to make the dress of your dreams become a reality.

We carry out all the phases of creation and packaging of the garments: from the choice of fabrics – all yarns from Italian companies – and of the colors to the creation of the pattern; from cutting to packaging; from the choice of laces and refined embroideries to their application by hand: this is the only way to create our exclusive 100% made in Italy creations.

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Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions!

The tailored garment is unique as it is the only one that can be made to measure, respect, and enhance the natural physiognomy of each body. You can choose all the details: the dress will be designed and made according to your real needs, customizing the type of fabrics, choosing the right shades of colors, and adding the uniqueness of lace or handmade embroidery.

The perfect fit of a dress is more important than any of its other characteristics: even if a pre-made garment or a semi-tailored one, appears to be elegant and linear on the mannequin or on a photo, it could disappoint expectations when one wears it because the material with which it was packaged is poor, the cut does not follow the lines of the wearer’s body, or it does not have the right proportions, so the result will not be optimal in any case.

Entering a real atelier is an emotional experience: it is like visiting a reliable friend.  A natural socialization will be born between the client and the stylist, because to create a garment that represents us perfectly, it is necessary to get to know each other, be accomplices, and be in tune with one another. During the meetings in the tailor’s shop, we converse, we advise each other, and we pour out. … In short, we share special and unique moments of our lives!

Attention to the customer, her taste, and her needs, is a priority for the creation of a haute couture garment: the work begins as soon as the client and stylist meet. A tailored suit must be understood and lived serenely in its processing stages, as it is the result of an artisan activity that requires time and precision as well as patience and a lot of passion, and these are never lacking! Therefore, several tests are needed to be able to reach a perfect dress, through the necessary modifications and the right precautions.

Prêt-à-porter garments can be found everywhere: shops, malls, stores for formal clothing; they are sold already packaged, with an undifferentiated shape and style, according to a pre-established model based on standard sizes.

A tailored garment, on the other hand, does not imitate dresses that are already in the market, but is based on the complete freedom and desire of the wearer. Paola Cipriani’s professionalism and creativity will surely make your dress unique, by using traditional methods combined with modern tailoring techniques. Unlike prêt-à-porter, a tailored garment requires more measurements and tests; we will not limit ourselves to taking measurements from a standard pattern, but we will enhance every detail of your body.

Of course! In this way, we will guarantee you a dedicated space, in which the stylist Paola Cipriani will be present, and she will follow you for the entire duration of the test, so as to identify the right dress, which matches your style and is suitable for your wedding or your ceremony. We want you to have the best experience and the best service possible.

Call us at 06.76963575 or 328.4923432.

In the two large fitting rooms of our atelier, it is possible to wear the different collections that are part of the collection of wedding and ceremony dresses created by Paola Cipriani.

This experience will remain among the best moments, because you will learn to know your tastes better. We will help you not only in choosing the dress but also in choosing the other the related accessories: the veil, hairstyle, the wedding ring pads, etc.

Contrary to popular belief, a tailored garment often has low production costs. In fact, tailored dresses vary according to the type of fabric, the characteristics of the garment, the processing methods. Choosing a tailored garment is more convenient because it optimizes the quality / price ratio, considering the high quality of the product, its originality, and its perfect fit. Your dress will be unique! Furthermore, the tailoring guarantees the durability of the garments and the quality of the fabric. It also allows the dress to be modified, adapted, and remodelled, even after several years.

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