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Paola Cipriani

Paola Cipriani began her career in fashion by obtaining a professional diploma in fashion after many years of experience as a fashion operator. She subsequently obtained an academic diploma in haute couture. Equipped with great sensitivity and passion for fashion creations, she started creating wedding and ceremony dresses, stimulated by the various work experiences at renowned ateliers in Rome. “Paola Cipriani Couture” was created in this context, becoming in a short time one of the most innovative companies in the sector.

The sartorial collections bear the imprint of the young designer, who combining tradition and creativity, creates dresses that satisfy the most diverse needs.

The atelier tailors your image by bringing out what you sometimes are unable to communicate, creating clothes and designing shapes, choosing fabrics and colours, and taking care of the details.

“The image we give is not always the one that represents us”

The designer uses different tailoring techniques as well as exclusive fabrics and quality materials, to create unique, refined, and personalized garments. Her collections are the result of the continuous search for originality to express the elegance and sensuality of every woman, designing and creating the right shapes for her fabrics, choosing the embroideries, and adding the details that best represent her. All these elements showcase Cipriani’s unique creations of haute couture tailoring.

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